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Alright; I’ll start off by stating I’m the worst. I’ve fallen super behind on my Lucky Romance Recaps. I’ve been thinking about it, and it will be very difficult to catch up (especially while I’m also recapping Beautiful Mind). So, I hope you’ll forgive me; but to catch-up, I want to share my overall thoughts on the episodes I’ve missed rather than attempting full recaps. My plan is to resume recaps on Lucky Romance this week, as we enter the home stretch.

Although I haven’t written on the drama for a while, a lot has happened and I would like to share briefly what I’ve been thinking.

Quick Thoughts


Episode 12 was the episode of cuteness. Soo Ho has been adorable all the way through but now we can see Bo Nui join him on the cute train. Although the episode starts off still bumpy, they get back on the same page and the feels take over completely. The two of them think they are so sly keeping their affection for each other hidden, but truth is everyone knows. 

The cutest part of Bo Nui and Soo Ho dating, is their laughing snort fest that they have going on. Up to this point, I’ve loved all of Soo Ho’s endearing antics, but the two of them together is really cuteness overload.

Some Really Good Episode Moments

Drunken Soo Ho


When Soo Ho gets really drunk, Bo Nui goes to fetch him, and brings him to her house.. He’s still really upset with her, but he cannot let go of his feelings. Up to this point, they hadn’t made up yet from last episode, but this is really the start of their healing.

Dal Nim Gets her Makeover


She was already pretty, but now everyone else can really see the extent of her beauty. It’s sad that it’s necessary, but it seems that this will most likely propel the forever looming potential love story between Ri Hwan and Dal Nim forward. Of course, her intention is to snag Soo Ho, but when she got the makeover, she didn’t yet realize that Soo Ho and Bo Nui had already fallen for each other. Although it’s crushing to Dal Nim, her friend’s happiness is very important to her.

Hilarious Catfight


Ri Hwan gets dragged into drunken madness as Amy and Dal Rim both express their unhappy sentiments over their hopeless love. Dal Nim gets upset with Amy because she cannot tolerate Amy speaking ill of  Bo Nui. Dal Nim attacks Amy and the two women fight. Ri Hwan has no clue what to do about this mess.

Closing Thoughts

The 12th episode was the happy episode. It had so many moments to smile about. Another great moment was Soo Ho trying to get Bo Nui to call him Oppa instead CEO. Instead of calling him Oppa, she was teasing him by speaking informally to him which made him pretty uncomfortable.

I just can’t get over how cute the two of them are. He brings out a really sweet side of her. Her armor of superstition that’s been covering her as a protective mechanism is still intact, but she’s letting go and letting him into that space which once only belonged to rituals.

Episode 12 Quick Rating:

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Loved this episode. It was the peak of cuteness. We needed an episode like this, because something is bound to now go wrong.