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Another week of Beautiful Mind has come and gone. Now the path to romance is beginning to seem imminent. The groundwork is set; it’ll be interesting to see how they’ll take a man who cannot feel love or emotions and make him fall in love.

Stem Cell Research

Dr. Hyun Suk Joo has immersed as one of my favorite characters along with Young Oh and Jin Sung.

Suk Joo knows there’s shady business going on with the stem cell research but it’s not something he can easily expose or do anything about. Suk Joo really does have the best intentions at heart but that doesn’t mean he always makes the right decisions.

Suk Joo and his dad Episode 8 Beautiful Mind

Episode 8 was really the episode where actor Yoon Hyun Min shined. We get some very revealing backstory on Suk Joo. I don’t defend his actions by the end of episode 8, but I can understand his perspective. Suk Joo comes from a family of greed. He was exposed to it at a very young age. However, he doesn’t condone it or accept it. Although Suk Joo has tried very hard to go against the corruption, the memories of losing so many people so dear to him haunts him. He didn’t only lose his friend due to his father’s actions, but he’s lost the Director, Dr Kim Yoon Kyung and now her daughter. The guilt of not being able to save Yoon Kyung’s daughter torments him deeply.


The memory of Yoon Kyung pleading with him to save her daughter is a painful image burned into his brain permanently. It’s out of his power. Now, the only person left that Suk Joo is really close to and cares about deeply is Jin Sung. I think Jin Sung holds a very space place in Suk Joo’s heart.

Suk Joo on tv episode 8 beautiful mind

I think the reason Suk Joo decided to go ahead with the research is the hope and honest desire to see it save lives. The thing is though…. He knows it can spell disaster. It seems way too risky and reckless to me. Now, will he not be even more tormented internally knowing that there is a deep flaw with the stem cell research? Although Suk Joo’s motivation for moving forward with the research isn’t due to greed like most of the others, he has now made himself guilty by association. I really hope in the end he doesn’t get even more interwoven with this mess. I really like him very much, but I don’t want to see all his past hurt and concerns warp and change him. I hope he can be set free and released from his guilt and realize some things are out of his control. Backing a research that is being rushed to make money will not be the solution.

Young Oh and Jin Sung

young oh and jin sung beautiful mind episode 7

Is this not what we really want to be talking about? Episode 7 and 8 gave us some great OTP moments. We can clearly see the path now of these two coming together.

There’s some important progress that happens in Episode 7. Young Oh already seems to have become attached to Jin Sung. It might not be emotionally, but he’s latched onto her since she’s the one person who’s stuck by him and entertains his desire for games.


This is a very interesting budding romance. How will this work when Young Oh cannot feel people’s emotions?

First of all, if we look at Young Oh, Young Oh is an extremely interesting character… But I wonder, how can he possibly love anyone? He’s unable to empathize, he’s a sociopath, and he can’t connect with people. He doesn’t feel emotions, so how is this going to work? It seems impossible, right? How is it going to work? But the important thing about Young Oh and what makes Young Oh different, is he wants to be normal. He does desire to have that human connection. He’s just incapable of it. When you look at the end of episode 6, everyone has abandoned Young Oh. He’s completely alone, completely lost. Everything that he believes has been crushed. Everything he’s done up to this point to make himself seem normal has all been destroyed. During all of this, the one person that has been there when he hit his rock bottom was Jin Sung. She’s the only one that reached out to him. Jin Sung is the one that was there for him.

Once we get into episode 7, she takes Young Oh to her home town. It allows him to regroup and figure out who he is again and get his confidence back. His ego was really hurt. 

Young Oh and Jin Sung on peer episode 7 beautiful mind

One of the funny things about Young Oh is he loves making little bets. He’s very competitive and I think part of it, honestly is, it’s his way of connecting with people. It’s a pretty sick way of doing it, and maybe not easy for everyone to understand (especially his father) but it’s how he connects with others. It’s nice, because she goes along with it too. She really wants to help him and wants to see him get back on his feet. They make their little bet, and by the end of episode 7, he gets his confidence back.

young oh ep 8

It’s really awakened him, and it’s made him so curious about her that in Episode 8, he really starts his flirtation with her. One of my favorite scenes in Episode 8 has to be when he drives in the wrong direction on the one way street. Everything about that scene was hilarious and adorable. It’s really cute too, because she’s so sweet and innocent. She obviously doesn’t have any experience with men. She has had her crush on Suk Joo for a very long time, but that seems to be it.  The scene is absolutely hilarious on purpose and has got me giddy and anxious for more scenes like this.

I don’t know what going to happen with these two. I really don’t know what going to happen, but I think this is a very original couple.

The Bottle cap ring

This ring symbolism is so awesome. I’ve actually been trying to mimic the bottle cap ring by twisting the tops of San Pellegrino bottles, but so far I haven’t had any luck. It would probably be easier with an actual Soju bottle, but even so, I wonder how easy it would really be. If I become successful, I will let you know.

I love the way Young Oh looks at the bottle cap. It’s like he’s really trying to solve a mystery. He doesn’t get it, but he wants to get it.. just like how he feels in general when it comes to human emotions. This ring symbolism will be a returning theme I’m sure and will be an illustration that will show us Young Oh getting closer to Jin Sung in my opinion.

Medical Stuff


I do find the medical aspect of the drama quite interesting. It takes me longer to get through an episode than it does with other shows. I find myself pausing to look up medical terms fairly frequently (even though they explain them in subs usually). My curiosity has me web surfing for more information. I did this in both Episode 7 and 8. In Episode 7 I looked up the female patient’s condition to do with her thyroid and wasted about 20 minutes doing that. In Episode 8, I did the same thing with Kang Hyun Joon’s tumor pressing on his pituitary gland causing him to turn into a woman. If you asked me it seems they embellished this quite a bit, but it was certainly interesting. When I was reading about a tumor on the pituitary gland, I ended up probably spending around 40 minutes reading about gigantism (also known as giantism). Gigantism is also caused by a tumor pressing on the gland and excess hormones being excreting (but in the case of gigantism it’s growth hormones and not an increase of prolactin (a sex hormone) like with Hyun Joon). Anyway, my point is, the medical parts of the drama are also really intriguing as well as the story. It makes me want to learn more.

Episode 7 Quick Rating:

kdrama Quick review rating


Super solid episode, especially good because of the Jin Sung and Young Oh moments.

Episode 8 Quick Rating:

kdrama Quick review rating


Love this episode. Not only is more going on with Young Oh and Jin Sung, but also we get a lot out of Suk Joo this episode. I can see how the chairman will becoming more and more difficult as well as he desperately attempts to secure his inheritance (which will be very difficult since he can do nothing right in his father’s eyes.

I’m really excited about another week of Beautiful Mind. Let’s see what happens and if there any more surprises on the way.