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Let me start by saying this was a fantastic Episode of Beautiful Mind. I enjoyed it so much. I was really pleased to get more insight into the father. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. I was having a very hard time understanding or sympathizing with him. He seemed very cold and lacked empathy himself. Now I understand and have a better idea of what is going on his head.

Young Oh continues his journey of curiosity. With Jin Sung, I just want to squeeze her all the time because she’s so adorable; I can’t get over it. Okay, let’s dive into the episode and see what it brought.


The Backstory on Dr Lee Gun Myung

Gun Myung Beautiful Mind

We get the flashback we’ve all been waiting for; they reveal details on what happened to Young Oh. So, it turns out Dr Lee Gun Myung was married with a child, but his child was very ill. Young Oh was brought into the hospital very sick, but the hospital refused to treat him because they didn’t have any money for his surgery. Gun Myung showed mercy towards the child since he had the same illness as his son. Gun Myung operates on Young Oh, but while he was in the OR, his own son, his precious flesh and blood, passed away. His wife is beyond grief and takes out all her anger and frustration on her husband, blaming him for not being there when his son when he needed him. Shocked Gun Myung gets hit with another stinger; he botched the surgery on Young Oh, damaging his frontal lobe and causing him to be how he is now (a sociopath unable to feel emotions). The other physician tells him this is a malpractice case. Gun Myung says he will raise Young Oh as his own since he left his son to save Young Oh. Okay, now I understand why he kept Young Oh a secret for so long and desperately wanted to hide his diagnosis. It was because he was in the wrong. It’s still kind of hard to say how much he cares or loves Young Oh. One things for sure, even if he does care for Young Oh and this point, he also carries guilt and sorrow with him constantly. Young Oh is a reminder of his son, of his mistake… it must be really stifling. When you carry that kind of burden with you daily, it controls you, and can warp your sense of truth. 

Gun Myung weeps

Gun Myung, in total despair weeps. This was a monumental moment. I wondered in Gun Myung was even capable of crying. I really did hold onto the thought that Gun Myung was maybe a sociopath himself, but now I will put that theory to rest. It seems he is human after all, but I think that the past events have really altered him greatly.

Two Patients – Same Diagnosis

detective beautiful mind

Okay, cutie-pie Jin Sung gets transferred to the crime division and is now a detective. Yay Jin Sung! Way to go! She still has a lot to learn, but this is a great step forward for her in her career and personal development. 

suicidal cancer patient beautiful mind

While she’s on her first case, she sees Lee Sung Joon, the patient that tried to kill himself in an earlier episode. It was the man that tried to jump Young Oh, but she swooped in and knocked Young Oh out of the way instead. Something’s not right with him and they have to take him to the hospital. It is revealed that he has stage 4 lung cancer. The cancer has metastasized (spread) to his brain. The chemo is no longer working. Lee Sung Joon claims he doesn’t want to be treated anymore, but Jin Sung doesn’t believe him. She challenges Young Oh who is ready to accept the patient’s wishes, since there’s not really anything they can do for him anyway.

snooty rich lady beautiful mind

Now, the second patient, is a snooty, super rich lady with pretty much an identical diagnosis. She has already had an operation for lung cancer, but her cancer has also metastasized and spread to the brain.

Doctor Hyun Suk Joo

Suk Joo and Young Oh discuss the patient. Young Oh hints that their only real viable option is an Osimertinib (which is a mutated epidermal growth factor receptor drug). The catch is, it’s illegal. It’s not illegal due to adverse effects or high risk factors, it’s because it’s extremely expensive. Suk Joo is totally 100% against the idea. Alright.. I was a little frustrated with Suk Joo on this one. To get this straight, he’s not okay with a treatment that’s illegal due to costs (okay, I get it) but he does think it’s okay to lie to the public and move forward with a research which has had many casualties already. They are also hiding many facts from the FDA. Come on Suk Joo, you are so much better than that. He’s worried it’ll jeopardize the research, but the research itself has fraudulent results from the clinical trials. I dunno…. but that seems like a much worse crime to me. If the results from phase two and three of the clinical trials have been tampered with, why on earth does he think it’ll be better moving forward? He’s already powerless, so how will he stop further corruption? Wake up Suk Joo! You’re in dreamland. 

Jin Sung

Jin Sung tries again to get Young Oh to see that Sang Joon really wants to live. She shows him all the lottery tickets that he’s purchased. Young Oh continues to be difficult, so she tells him that she guesses the patient doesn’t have a chance if he isn’t willing to help and begins to walk away. This stops him in his tracts and he explains he didn’t say it was impossible. He tells her about the illegal option, but then he uses this as another sneaky ploy to get closer to her. He gets really physically close to her, puts his hand on her, and explains they will have to meet frequently. Oh my gosh. He makes me laugh so much. He’s always looking for excuses for them to be in contact. Emotion or no emotions, he is into her. He craves her attention. She also seems to be the only person that challenges him, but in a positive way.

Doctor Lee Young Oh in surgery

Young Oh ends up giving Yoo Ok, the female patient an Osimertinib. The chairman is furious, but in the end he can’t discipline Young Oh, because she donates a large sum of the money to the hospital in Young Oh’s name as gratitude. The sum of the donation exceeds the cost of treatment.

Young Oh

Sang Joon gets his treatment as well, after admitting to Young Oh that he does want to live desperately. Is Young Oh feeling empathy? I feel like this is the first patient he has really connected with. Although he seemed indifferent at first, I get the sense he was really starting to care and reacting to Sang Joon’s emotional plea to live. Did Young Oh just want to please Jin Sung, or did he hear the patient’s cry to live? Obviously Young Oh is a good doctor. If the patient wants to live he will save them, but I think he is somewhat changing.. how is this possible? I don’t know. I Wish I did.

Min Jae Still Loves Young Oh

Min Jae

When Young Oh and Jin Sung were talking about the illegal treatment, she saw how close he was getting to Jin Sung. I can tell it’s eating her up inside. She seems to acknowledge that he’s giving Jin Sung a look that he didn’t give her. Sure, he was great at faking emotion with Min Jae, but there’s something very sincere about his interactions with Jin Sung. Not only did she see the way he was acting with her, but when she glanced over he had his hand on Jin Sung. It’s not like they are dating or anything. He clearly desired to be close and wanted a bit of physical contact.

When the contents of Min Jae’s purse spilled onto the floor, she immediately went for and hid her engagement ring so it couldn’t be seen. There’s no denying how she feels. She still loves him so much. Why you may ask then, did she expose his secret like that and turn on him? Well, it was wrong of course, but she knew in her heart of hearts that he would never love her. I think now though, when she witnesses him fall in love with someone else, that this may be even more painful than being with a man that couldn’t love. In the future he will become the man that couldn’t love her. 

Jin Sung & Young Oh

Jin Sung smiles

After the patient gets saved, Jin Sung gives Young Oh a lottery ticket and tells him the patient said meeting him was like winning the lottery. Young Oh asks Jin Sung if she really believes that lottery brings hope to people. She explains, hope to her is the anticipation that tomorrow will be different. She then says this directly to Young Oh:

In that case you are the most hopeful person I know. You show me a different side of you whenever I see you.

He looks pretty surprised by these words. Guaranteed no one has ever said anything to him quite like that before.

As Jin Sung exists the room, she urges Young Oh that if he wins the lottery he has to call her and split it halfway.

Okay, now this is the good stuff. Young Oh thinks about Jin Sungs words and cracks a faint smile. A SMILE! I saw it. He can’t hide it. We totally saw it. He’s smitten with her. I don’t care if it’s not a super wide smile. It’s a smile and it counts.

Young Oh smiles

His smile was sincere as he remembers her words, that he is the most hopeful person she knows. Young Oh seems to acknowledge that he’s feeling something he has never felt before and rushes off to catch Jin Sung before she leaves.

Young Oh and Jin Sung hug

He hurries over to her like it’s his love that he is stopping at the airport from moving away. Right in the hospital, with zero hesitation or inhibitions, he grabs hold of Jin Sung in a desperate, longing embrace. She’s shocked and her reaction is to break the hug, but he won’t let her. Finally he feels his heartbeat and takes his pulse. But then.. this happens.. He tells her he feels nothing. Yea right Young Oh.. it’s hard to believe you feel nothing, even if your brain is damaged and you can’t feel emotions. That was not an “I feel nothing scene”. Maybe it was “I feel something, but I don’t know what it is because I never felt it before”. I dunno, it’s all still so confusing, but it was still a really cool scene even though Young Oh had to destroy it at the end by reminding us all that he still can’t feel emotions.

Closing Thoughts


I’m also really happy with the progress between Young Oh and Jin Sung. He’s going to cling onto her even more now it seems. I want to think of this from her perspective for a moment though. This must be odd and confusing to her. If I was her, I would really be wondering what just happened. Even if she allows herself to fall for him… his condition makes everything so complicated. It will be difficult for her to know what is real. These two are so completely different. What a unique pairing. It’s a very unusual pairing but it feels right. It really seems to click. So now, we just need Young Oh’s brain to regenerate and all will be good (okay writers, make it happen)!

Again, I’m so pleased we have insight into Gun Myung. I wonder how Gun Myung will do as the new director. Dr Chae Soon Ho did not look happy that he didn’t get the position. Will Gun Myung becoming a redeeming character? If he does, that means I was very wrong about him with my earlier judgments. It would be nice for both him and Young Oh to get some healing (if that’s at all possible). The current status of their relationship is still a mess.

I’m really looking forward to to the next episode, but I can’t believe we’re almost at the tenth episode already. The episodes are flying by.

Episode 9 Quick Rating:

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Loved, loved, loved this episode. Now that we have a better understanding of Gun Myung, I want to see some more Young Oh and Gun Myung interactions. We saw the doctor at the end of the episode that knows that Gun Myung is responsible for Young Oh’s condition. This could get very explosive. Oh my… I can almost feel the tension. So very exciting.