Beautiful Mind Kdrama Broken Heart Graphic by Zhaoul

By now, you most likely heard that Beautiful Mind, which was originally to be aired as 16 episodes has been cut down to 14. The final episode is to be aired on August 2, which is way too soon for such a masterpiece. I decided to share my feelings on the matter, so I can finally lay them to rest and move on. I want to enjoy the rest of the show that is remaining. So I lay out my thoughts in this article and let them float away with the warm summer breeze.

Quick Synopsis: Lee Young Oh (Jang Hyuk) is a sociopathic doctor who cannot feel empathy towards others. His frontal lobe is damaged and therefore he cannot sympathize with other people’s emotions. Gun Myung (Heo Jun Ho) has raised Young Oh to read other people’s actions. Young Oh reads their body language and has thus far managed to lead a fairly normal life. He is an extraordinary doctor. Jin Sung (Park So Dam) is an overzealous young traffic cop. She’s full of passion and desperately wants to solve the case of the mysterious deaths occurring at the hospital. She thinks before she acts, but has a heart of gold which could be the key to mending Young Oh’s mind.

When a Fantastic Drama Gets Cut Short

A lot of things go underrated; Beautiful Mind is extremely underrated. Fine, the ratings were low, but this should not have happened. Beautiful Mind is a special kind of drama. It has it’s own unique vibe and very original characters from the leads to secondary characters. Nothing has come easy for the cast and crew of Beautiful Mind. It seems from the very beginning they have had many hurdles to overcome. Despite their numerous challenges, they prevailed by executing a story with utter most fineness, and drawing in the viewers that they had.. but not the size of audience that they deserved. The concept from the get-go grabbed my attention. From the 6th episode onward, it was clear that the story was only gaining momentum and the actors were gelling. But where were the viewers? I can’t blame people if it’s not their thing, but it’s so disappointing.

Young Oh was quickly becoming one of my favorite all time Jang Hyuk characters up there with Daegil from Chuno, while the drama itself could have also landed in my top list compelling stories. Think what you will about Park So Dam but I became so smitten with her. This is the first drama I’ve seen her in and she really impressed me. Her character began with many frustrations but she blossoms as the story progresses, allowing her inner beauty to radiate outwards and penetrate Young Oh’s heart.

It blows my mind that KBS wanted to cut down the drama to 12 episodes. Okay, maybe a rom com can be cut down to 12 episodes because you just take out the part where someone nearly dies or leaves for 2 years and comes back, but you CANNOT do that to a medical-suspense-thriller-romantic-melodrama. I’m sure if they needed to, they could have written enough story to fill a 24 episode slot. Beautiful Mind is a complex drama with many layers. Backstory, side stories and character development come together to slowly unveil a gripping narrative. The journey in beautiful mind is the most important aspect to make the outcome believable. To suggest to bring it down to 12 episodes is an insult.

I think 14 episodes they will do their best, but there will always be that question mark in my mind of what it would have been like if it was allowed to produce 16 episodes.

I want to say a very special thank you to the entire cast of Beautiful mind and everyone on it’s production team. A drama of this caliber should be given the chance to thrive. No matter what happens now, I will still appreciate the hard work of all those involved in the drama… KBS… I have nothing to say to you right now..