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Some questions were answered in episode 13, but not all of them. There’s still some gaps in the storytelling, but I’m not sure if they’ll be answered or not. One thing is for sure, it was another jam-packed episode with tons of content, from further Young Oh emotional development, progress between Young Oh & Jin Sung and more curve balls.


Flashback – The Scans

Beautiful Mind Episode 13 The Scans

The very beginning of the episode did answer one thing, the wheelchair Dr. didn’t intend to misdiagnose Young Oh. It was a mistake. It still seems though, that there’s a possibility that the scans were switched or something. This is still unclear. So, when he realized, he was going to set the record straight and admit to his mistake, but in the end he didn’t. He really doesn’t seem to like Dr. Lee Gun Myung at all. I was surprised to see that Gun Myung, although it was an accident, was also involved in the Doctor’ injury that paralyzed his legs. Dr. Lee has a lot of skeletons in his closet.

Child Young Oh Episode 13 Beautiful Mind

I still don’t get though, how he didn’t realize Young Oh was normal? How did Young Oh not show any emotions that would give away the fact that he was misdiagnosed? Was it just his personality? Even when the Dr. fell, Young Oh didn’t cry or get upset. He just commented on the fact that Gun Myung is a doctor and shouldn’t he help.

The Morality Conference

morality conference beautiful mind ep 13

Young Oh is still really upset about the patient that passed away last episode. He calls for a Morality Conference. His father tells everyone in front of the Morality Conference that they all know Young Oh did his best. Despite this, Young Oh still feels responsible and feels inadequate because of his illness. He’s still quite upset with his father who made him this way.

But I want You Back

beautiful mind min jae

Min Jae wants to get back together with Young Oh. Now that she knows that his condition wasn’t due to his past surgery, she feels that there is an inkling of hope and she still wants to create a future with him. He feels, however, that he cannot change and will bring nothing good to his patient’s (also, he’s really not into Min Jae at this point at all, so her suggesting it, is not going to amount to anything).

Young Oh Cries

Young Oh cries Beautiful Mind

The moment I’ve been waiting for for quite some time, but wasn’t sure if it would happen, finally happens; Young Oh cries. Young Oh watches the video that the patient had recorded for him before he past away. He talks about how Young Oh was the only doctor that ever really understood and listened to his heart.  He also reassures Young Oh that he did his best. He thanks him and reminds him, that because of Young Oh he was not alone until the very end. Young Oh is overcome by emotions and moved to tears. This is huge, because it’s the first time Young Oh has ever cried in his entire life (as far as he can remember). It was an appropriate cry for Young Oh.. not too over the top, just an honest cry that he needed. He’s been holding in his emotions (which he now has). The loss of this patient has been very difficult for him.

It’s All Your Fault

all I hear is I love You

Young Oh goes to Jin Sung (who’s wearing a really cool banana shirt by the way) and vents his frustrations out on her. He tells her it’s all her fault that he is like this… but as she listens to his words, she reads between the lines. She tells him “All I can hear is I love you”. He’s right.. it is in large her fault… but it is in fact a good thing. Thanks to her he’s grown and changed so much, but it has been a painful journey. A much needed one, but painful none the less. Not all emotions are pleasant ones.

jin sung ep 13 beautiful mind

When he goes to leave, she follows him and hugs him from behind. This is a very sweet moment between the two of them l. I love that Jin Sung can read beyond Young Oh words and see his heart. She can tell that he’s scared, confused, and doesn’t know where to turn. She sees his gentleness behind his sometimes scary exterior and knows he just desires love. This is why they are so good together.

Mr. Green

Mr. Green Young Oh

The green shirt is the best. Not only did the patient leave Dr. Young Oh a video message, but he also left him a t-shirt to match his son’s outfit for when he was to be christened. Young Oh wears it proudly without any embarrassment at all. The hat and glasses really complement the look. It seems so out of character for him though, but in a good way. Jin Sung appears a little taken back by it, but I love that he owns it and wears it confidently. After the baptism, the two go and Young Oh makes several attempts to hold Jin sung’s hand to know avail. Finally, she confidently grabs his hands to his surprise. She then exclaims with all her cuteness that she can read him “Everything you do I hear I love you” (something like that). These two adorable kids…. He may be much older than her, but he seems really innocent around her. It’s like a pure young love and I forget completely about the age gap.

Doctors react to Young Oh in green

One of the best moments with Young Oh in green had to have been when he walked through the hospital and totally surprised all the hospital staff. They didn’t know what to make of him. I really liked the double take of the lazy doctors (they always seem to be hanging around, talking, doing very little). While on topic about these doctors, they were on fire this episode and even wittier than usual. They had lots of great group moments. Their segments also didn’t eat up too much time, but were sort of sprinkled throughout the episode.

The Scans with a Commonality

doctors look at scans Beautiful Mind

Dr. Lee Shi Hyun offers the other Dr. Yang Sung Eun a date if he can figure out what the 3 patients from the scans have in common. He recruits all the other doctors to help… then Young Oh gets roped in as well. Of course, I’m thinking in my mind that it has to do with the regenerative medicine which it does. Once Young Oh realizes this and speaks to her, it brings up concern for the regenerative medicine in his mind once again.

Jin Sung is Not Well

Jin Sung collapses Beautiful Mind Episode 13

Didn’t see this coming. Did I miss the signs, or is it because it was rushed? We all knew that Jin Sung has heart issues, but I don’t remember any recent hints of her current condition deteriorating. Has she been short or breath? Has she been wheezing? Has she been dizzy? Hmmmmmm….

Jin Sung regenerative medicine beautiful mind

I thought, if anything, the regenerative medicine would come into play for Young Oh, not as a possible cure for Jin Sung. It’s interesting though for a couple of reasons. First of all, Dr. Hyun Suk Joo has been hyper-focused on the regenerative medicine, but he is also well aware of the flaws with it. Jin Sung is someone that he cares about (and I think she’s one of the reasons he decided to go all in on the stem cell research despite the knowledge of its flaws). Can he, with a clear conscience, be okay with this as a possible solution of Jin Sung? It’s sad that he’s willing to take the gamble, but I do also understand that there are very few options at the moment. Young Oh is not okay with this. He wants the very best possible outcome for Jin Sung, because he really does love her (in his own way, and in his limited understanding of love). I was really quite moved that he’s willing to go that far to have her live.

Closing Thoughts

Beautiful Mind collar grabbing

I did like it.. but it scares me there’s only an hour left. They’ll do their best to tie up the loose ends, but I think honestly they would have benefited from two more episodes. Don’t get me wrong; it’s very enjoyable… I’m just not convinced they’ll have enough time to close all the loose ends in the story and come to a satisfactory conclusion. One really positive thing though, there hasn’t been any boring episodes. I can honestly say it hasn’t dragged. They’ve done a really phenomenal job in the last few episodes to fill them with enough content to move the story along… a bit more time would have left it all a bit more polished I think. But, that being said, the final episode should be rather exciting since I feel they’ll really try their hardest to leave the viewers feeling satisfied.

One more episode…. I really hope we get a bit more information about the scans and how the doctor made that mistake. If other people caused a mix up in scans, I hope it is fully revealed. Also, hopefully everything will go okay with the surgery. I’m not really going to make any predictions, I’m just going to see how it plays out.

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