Together with Me Thai BL drama episode 1 recap

Ok. BL (Boy’s Love) time, so if you are not into it, avert your eyes and skip this one!

I think we all need a little bit more Thai dramas in our lives. This has got to be one of the better BL dramas I’ve seen, if I’m being perfectly honest. Sure.. it drags a bit here and there and gets a bit frustrating as we wait for the leads to sort things, but it’s worth it. When I say drag.. it’s really only like 1 minute of boredom lading into a really good scene.

It’s great because:

Yiwha and Korn Together with me Thai BL drama

1) It’s hilarious. Yiwha is one if the best drama characters ever. She’s nosy, but very authentic and cares about her friends more than anything.

Together with Me Thai BL series Korn and Knock kiss

2) Have you seen the male leads? Their chemistry is on a different level than most BL dramas that I’ve seen. It was strange seeing two really muscular guys. This is not your scrawny BL couple.

Together with Me Thai BL drama Max as Korn

3) Max’s acting was impressive. Both did well but Max’s portrayal of Korn really had me convinced. His pain was real. He had a lot of patience… but he was like a glass being filled. Eventually it overflows. He had his breaking point. Every look he gave had a purpose and portrayed so much emotion.

Knock crying Together with Me Thai BL drama

I hate being critical on actors, because they work so hard, but I feel like some of Knock’s crying scenes could have used a bit of work. I applaud the effort, and I do know if you slip out the moment even for a millisecond it can create a disconnect. It wasn’t by any means fatal; and overall he pulled off his indecisive, immature, kinda dumb but super adorable character well. But Max was the focal point for me and Yiwah was the comedic glue power house tying everything together.

The side stories weren’t boring. A couple of times I could have forwarded the teacher/student sub plot, but they had their cute moments.

Together with Me Thai BL drama girlfriend boyfriend kiss

The villains in the story will make you wanna scream. I like how they built up the infuriating characters and made them more and more intolerable.

Korn and Knock episode one Together with me Thai BL drama

This is not a so innocent drama.. it’s raw and pretty hot and steamy. If you like good chemistry BL, watch it. It’s the prequel to bad romance. I haven’t watched Bad Romance yet and I’m not sure if I will but I’ve watched some clips. I heard together with me was better and it was filmed more recently so I decided to start with it. If you think it’s worth watching Bad Romance after seeing together with me, let me know. 

Series Review Rating:

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I rated this BL drama high, because despite some flaws, I’d really like them to make a third one. It really was fun and ever so smexy.