Well, well, well… Another week of Money Flower has come and gone. As usually I’m terribly behind but we have a special treat for you today. DramaFan from StuckOnHyuk is here to discuss episodes 5-6 with me. 

DramaFan StuckOnHyuk The first scene that had an impact on me from these eps was when Kang Pilju threatened Seo Yeowon (the receptionist) At first, I screamed! My mom who was watching with me, was sooo disappointed thinking KPJ was so evil! I believe this was most people’s reaction lol! KPJ looked truly scary.

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But his subsequent actions actually convinced me that KPJ is not as sinister as I  originally thought. In fact, this episode showed many cracks in his cold facade. On the surface, he was being excessively cruel to a pregnant woman, but in reality, he was warning her against taking any actions that would put her and her baby in more danger. He knows better than anyone, what the Cheong- A family is capable of. I loved the many faces Jang Hyuk was able to show here, from a cold impenetrable expression, to anger, to melancholy. I believe YSW situation reminded him of his mother’s and that’s why he left her so much of his own money.

The one thing I won’t be able to forgive though, is how he flipped a table full of food 😐 Bad bad Pilju!

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Zhaoul KdramadreamerAhhhhh! The food!!! I know! I was so mad when he flipped the table. I was like really dude…? She’s pregnant.. she needs to eat well. My reaction was the same as your mothers. Just as I was softening up to him and empathising more and more, I thought “Whoa… hold on now. This is so unnecessary”. I somewhat agree that he was trying to protect her, but at the time I didn’t fully realize and most of it went over my head. Maybe he was trying to scare her, but when he grabbed her by the neck and threatened to basically to end her pregancy it did make me wonder what he is capable of for revenge. I really need to pay more attention to the little nuances in this drama. You blink your eyes and you miss a whole explanation in the blink of an eye… POOF!

She didn’t listen to him though, did she? His warning (whether a decoy or partially true) didn’t hinder her at all.  

DramaFan StuckOnHyuk Jang Malan and Kang Pilju sexy vibes going on. What are your thoughts Z? I’ve read people that are convinced these two have done it already lol! Well, there’s definitely a lot of sexual tension between them. But in these two episodes, he delicately rejected her, twice. First he rejected the watch she gave him (she didn’t look happy about that) and then she, with her hair lose and nightgown, caressed his cheek softly. I mean, come on! She is trying to seduce him right? I’m not seeing things! Then there’s that scene of her fondling his sheets! That didn’t look like maternal love to me. 


Jang Malan got rejected. Hmmm.

Zhaoul Kdramadreamer Honestly, if they kissed I wouldn’t be mad at all. There relationship is very complex. I do think she’s in love with him… or at least very, very lonely and he’s been a sense of confort to her all these years. When I used to act, the director would sometimes give characters “secrets” to help them with their acting. Like, the secret wouldn’t be in the script, but it would help you build your character beyond the script. I could see them having a little secret such as a secret affairs haha. However, you are right; I noticed too that he “gently” rejected her a few times. 

Is this motherly love?

I’m not sure how she’s going to react as the truth comes out about his identity as it seems to be. I wonder how it will affect their sexual tension (which is mostly on her side).

DramaFan StuckOnHyuk I’m not totally feeling NMH and JBC as a couple but I get it if some people find them cute. They have “reasons” to like each other, in her case, many are lies, but still. She thinks he is a nice guy, with a heroic streak (saving a bird, coming to the rescue of a random pregnant lady) and she also pities him. It kinda hurts though to see KPJ crave for that affection and compassion she feels for JBC. She also feels sorry for JBC’s loneliness and wants to protect him. She has that tendency apparently. If she only knew about Pilju’s devastating loneliness ☹

Zhaoul Kdramadreamer I’m not feeling the NMH and JBC relationship either. Sure, they are fine.. but they are getting married way too fast. It’s not even like they have this mad chemistry or anything. It just seems odd to me. I’m not complaining though because if her feelings for JBC are based on misinformation, than perhaps there is hope for her and Pilju. 

DramaFan StuckOnHyuk But JBC is pitiful on his own, isn’t he? He is now in such a mess with his pregnant ex-girlfriend and his own inadequacy to deal with anything. I can’t help but sympathize and hope he matures someday. He is also kind of funny so I can’t help but like him.

Zhaoul Kdramadreamer I like him too… but I can kind of see his character going in two different paths. I wonder how he’ll feel when he inevitably finds out about Pilju’s revenge.. and his true feeling for NMH. I like to think brotherly love will prevail but it’s hard to say how he’ll react when a lot of the secrets eventually reveal themselves. I hope he stays good. 

DramaFan StuckOnHyuk JBC and YSW – I think JBC loves her, and in a way he is sadly repeating the story of his father and KPJs mother. He should find the courage to break away from the toxic Cheong A empire! Kang Pilju is right about that. I was moved by the scene of YSW trying to commit suicide.


She is pretty.

Zhaoul Kdramadreamer I think he loves her too. It really wasn’t his choice to break with her, even though I think his feelings for NMH are also sincere. That was a good scene.. but I equally was moved by the scene where he made her food and he said he couldn’t see her anymore. She really looked heartbroken and helpless. I knew she liked him, but I wondered if maybe she was playing games as well. In that scene I really felt like she just wants to be with him and have a family with him. I believed her when she said she would keep it quiet, but if he could still come see her sometimes. I think this was very difficult for him as well. 

DramaFan StuckOnHyuk JBC and KPJ – Gosh! I love their conflicted bromance! JBC really needs KPJ and I wonder if behind KPJ’s manipulation of JBC there isn’t also affection? I have the feeling that at the end of the day KPJ won’t be able to hurt JBC too much. I really loved the scene they had at their father’s death anniversary.  I laughed at Jang Hyuk’s cheek filled with the huge candy too! Cute!

Zhaoul Kdramadreamer I think this was one of my favourite scenes of the past two episodes (other than him visiting his brother and getting caught in the rain). Yea… I’ve been really trying to figure out how KPJ feels about JBC. I mean, he knows it’s his brother. I kind of think he won’t be able to hurt him too much either. He doesn’t really seem to have any animosity towards him. His angst rather seems to be directed to the mother… and gramps (who is super horrible by the way). 

DramaFan StuckOnHyuk Speaking of the death anniversary. It was heartbreaking when the uncle kicked KPJ out. KPJ’s hurt expression got me. I can only imagine what it feels like, not being able to mourn his father openly.

Zhaoul Kdramadreamer Jang Hyuk was magnificent in that scene. He politely bowed and excused himself, but we know and could tell he was completely heartbroken in that moment. I was so glad he was able to sneak back afterwards. This scene also perfectly illustrates how he is mistreated by the family. It’s that constant reminder he will never be truly accepted. 


He breaks our hearts 🙁

DramaFan StuckOnHyuk KPJ and NMH – They had lovely scenes in these episodes. One of my favorites was their encounter while he was bird watching. She is coming off as a little too naïve though but still likable. I love the way he looks at her.

Zhaoul Kdramadreamer How do you not notice when a man like KPJ is gazing at you longingly for several minutes!!! I was like “Girl, look up!!!! Look up!!!!”. She’s clueless, but the scene was beautiful. They have so much in common. I loved how they said the same thing at the same time. I just hope they are not star-crossed lovers. Being connected by the past but having a present that separates them reminds me a bit too much of Chuno. 

DramaFan StuckOnHyuk Noooooo! You had to mention Chuno!!! Nooo please 🙁 I really need KPJ to be happy at least once. Even our tragic Daegil had his moments of happiness in the past. KPJ has only endured hardships since he was so young. I really need them to kiss! In fact, I’m ok with KPJ kissing anyone in this drama. He is so hot with everyone teehee! 

But anyway, changing the subject, how did you feel about KPJ as the ultimate  puppet master? He fooled me with his tears but I felt something was off when JML slapped him. I thought it was too light lol! 

Zhaoul KdramadreamerHe keeps fooling me. I should have learned by now that he’s pretty much always in control and manipulating everything. I thought JML was pretty convincing too. The two of them are really good at getting their way. 


He fooled us with his pretty tears!

DramaFan StuckOnHyuk JMLs visit to the temple her husband loved set in motion a series of events that have led her to suspect KPJ might be Jang Eun Cheon. What next? This drama is actually really good at surprising me. I didn’t know this was going to happen so fast! Do you think this whole thing was also calculated by KPJ? He should’ve known she was going to visit that temple one day, so do you think he put his little brother’s plaque there on purpose?

Zhaoul KdramadreamerI didn’t think of that UNTIL NOW. Oh my Gosh… that is possible. See!! He’s sneaky. Well, we don’t know for sure. I don’t really see the purpose in him doing that, but that is something that he would do. 

DramaFan StuckOnHyuk One of my favorite scenes on Ep 6 was when JML asked KPJ about his mother (right after trying to seduce him) The way he controlled himself, but you could see the pain and hate in his eyes, when he heard his mother’s name. And then he spoke about her final days. Jang Hyuk is doing some amazing eye acting in this drama. Lee Mi Sook is giving him great feedback too. Their scenes together shine.

Zhaoul KdramadreamerJang Hyuk has all the subtleties on point. His character is constantly restraining himself, but we can still see the emotions through his eyes.. subtle exhales, twitches in his skin. It’s really remarkable how he’s nailing all the subtle verbal cues. It’s like we can hear his inner thoughts when he’s holding back and acting all calm on the outside. 


Cursing with them eyes


More random thoughts:

DramaFan StuckOnHyuk I’m loving the OST, some of it sounds very ominous so it gives me heavy melodrama vibes, kind of “old school” too but I think it fits the drama so well.

There are too many ahjussis with glasses so I’m getting them confused!

Zhaoul Kdramadreamer Speaking of ahjussis with glasses, apparently the butler, becomes a thug without his glasses on. His character surprised me. He’s always smiling and being nice to KPJ, but it seems his main focus is keeping the family “happy”. 

I agree the OST is lovely. Did I hear organs playing at one point? 

DramaFan StuckOnHyuk I get Mr Woo (Uncle Sungman’s guy) and the butler (Jang Malan’s guy) confused at times. It’s true, the butler acts nice to KPJ but he is the one about to uncover his secret, or is he secretly on his side? The butler reminded KPJ of the time he got drunk and confessed he trusts him. But who is playing who here? Does KPJ really trust him? I have the feeling the butler was the person on the boat when KPJ’s little brother died, but I could be totally wrong lol! You never know with this drama 🙂

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