Three Day Quotes Challenge – Day 3 : Surrounded by Darkness…

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I’ve reached the end of the three day quote challenge and yes it only took me 12 days to complete it, haha. Oh well, better late than never, right?

For my final quote I give you Daegil… Beautiful, wonderful, awesome Daegil. *Moment of silence to reflect on the marvellous character that is Daegil.

This contains spoilers, so if you plan on watching Chuno and haven’t yet, go watch it first before peaking at this post. 


Hotel King Quick Review

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When Hotel King first came out, I was very intrigued. I wasn’t familiar with Lee Dong Wook at the time, but I did really liked Lee Da Hae. I attempted to watch it when it first aired, but ten minutes into the first episode, I saw how very intense it was going to be. Back then, I was burning out on melodramas so I decided to wait, but happily browsed recap posts so i could still get a taste of the drama. Finally, over a year later, in the midst of my Lee Dong Wook obsession, I decided this was the moment to sit and watch.


Scent of a Woman Kdrama Review

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Scent of a Woman Kdrama Tango Scene

One of the things I love so much about work, is that a few of my co-workers also watch Asian dramas. It’s really fun to discuss and recommend shows when we’re on break. Even though we have dramas in common, we also each have our own unique style when it comes to dramas we like and dislike – and the same goes for actors. That is why I often hesitate when a co-worker recommends a particular show to me. I’m a bit of a rebel, and don’t always like to follow recommendations if I’m not sure if it’ll suit my personal taste. I’m notorious for dropping dramas, so I don’t like wasting my time. But, my one co-worker has been telling me for about 6 months now that I should check out Scent of a Woman. Finally she wore me down and I conceded.


Road No. 1 Review

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road no.1

Out of the super intense melodramas and historical dramas that I’ve seen, I’ll say that Road No. 1 is in my top three favorite along with Chuno and Tree with Deep Roots.

Road No. 1 can be very uncomfortable at times since the story takes place in the first year of the Korean war which began on June 25, 1950. Although the characters and stories are fictional, there’s an underlining discomfort watching knowing that people did actually suffer through turmoil as illustrated. There’s an uneasiness as you watch and it’s a reminder that such horrid events do occur and nothing in this world is ever certain.


I’m Sorry I Love You (2004) Kdrama Review

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I don’t know how many of you like to go back and watch older dramas that you haven’t seen before, but periodically, I really enjoy watching older dramas.

“I’m Sorry I love You” has been on my radar for quite some time, but I had been avoiding it, waiting for the right time where I felt I could handle it emotionally. I had been warned that it was sad, so I didn’t know if it would be worth it or not.

There are certain dramas and movies that have really been upsetting, yet beautiful at the same time; so you ask yourself, is it worth it? Well, I’ll be honest – I’m not sure why, but some of the most endearing love stories to me are rather depressing because the love is really tested. It also seems heightened due to tragedy.


Doctor Stranger – Final thoughts… Why did I keep watching?

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First of all I want to apologize to anyone who really liked this drama. Everyone has their own opinion and that’s alright. We all have our own ideas of what we like and what we don’t like, so I don’t want anyone to feel attacked in any way, but I do want to vent a little bit.

First of all, when I started this drama I was really excited about it. I’ve always been a marathon watcher, so this was one of my very first live watching experiences. I should have been able to see the warning signs that the drama was not going to be fulfilling. A lot of other watchers I know dropped this early. I thought everything would work itself out… what was I thinking?

So, I can’t be completely negative, so I’ll try to throw in some positives by telling you what attracted me to this drama and why I chose to stick with it until the end. This will however, will be laced with negatives as well. I must honest.

Quick Synopsis: As a child, Park Hoon (played by Lee Jong-Suk) and his father get tricked into going to North Korea and cannot return. Park Hoon’s father is an amazing Doctor, and Park Hoon is trained to be amazing as well. Park Hoon falls in love in North Korea with Jae Hee (played by Jin Se-Yeon). He plans to escape with his love, but something terrible happens which separates them.

The North and South Dynamic

When I started watching this, I became very interested in the dynamic between North and South Korea. For a couple weeks, I read as much as I could on the history and watched many documentaries. I watched interviews from North Korean Defectors. The stories were extremely shocking. I don’t even like writing about it, because it makes me feel paranoid, so I won’t elaborate. The first few episodes I think painted an okay picture, but beyond that it fell flat and the focus was lost. The story became so stretched, I coudn’t buy into the nonsense anymore.


I really liked Hoon at first. Really, he did okay all the way through, but he was so much more believable towards the beginning. I liked his quirkiness despite his pain. I also liked his talent until it became very exaggerated. At first it was cool that he could put his hand over someone’s heart and pinpoint the problem, but after a while I’d just shake my head. I’m glad this is not actually how they diagnose problems. Well, to their credit, this wasn’t the only way he diagnosed, but I feel he used his weird power a little too much.

Dr. Oh *spoilers*


I had great hopes for her character and really had hoped she could end up with Hoon. Their little flirtations were cute, but I guess in the end it was more of a sibling type of affection or really close friends. I also felt the writer could have written her character a little better. There was a time she was very likable, but then she became this love sick puppy who kept embarrassing herself and made some lousy decisions. Not what I had hoped for.

Jae Hee

Between Jae Hee and the writing, this is where my issues really lie with the drama. I couldn’t connect to Jae Hee. I tried, but couldn’t. I thought her character was fine until she showed up in South Korea. One she appeared there, I felt like she was vacant. Some people say it’s the writing, but I feel like a lot of it has to do with the acting as well. I feel like she could have appeared cold and distant, but still have been able to show true glimpses of affection which wouldn’t have allowed me to doubt her intentions so much. Basically, because I couldn’t buy into her acting it had a ricochet effect. I then couldn’t buy into her and Hoon and a couple and felt no connection to the love story.

I’m not saying this drama is terrible.. well for me it was, but there are many fans out there who liked it and I’m sure there reasons are very valid. For me, the writing felt sloppy and the medical competitions became so tiresome. It seemed like every time they would tie and need to do just one more competition to break the tie. Not only that, but I was disgusted at how some of the characters wanted Hoon to lose so badly that they didn’t care what happened to the patient. I don’t mind feeling uncomfortable from time to time watching a Kdrama, but it should be balanced. There shouldn’t be this overall constant feeling of disgust and disappointment.

I do like that they pulled everything together at the end, but it felt a little too late. It didn’t make up for how confusing it was in the middle and how much it dragged.


I do want to say though, that in the last few episodes I really appreciated Cheon Ho-Jin’s acting skills. He has a scene where he reveals everything and shows us just how evil he truly is. This scene was brilliant. I thought it was probably the best acting in the entire drama along with one of the earlier scenes when Hoon is crying when he’s behind bars. I really respect Cheon Ho-Jin’s acting skills and I’m so glad he had the opportunity in this drama to show us his talent. I equate the scene to a really awesome drum solo. The rest of the song might be mediocre, but then you get to hear the drummer, who normally has to blend in with the song, pour out everything he has.

My rating 2/5


Doctor Stranger – So mysterious… Episode 2-5 Review

Doctor Stranger, Kdrama, Lee Jong Suk, Melodrama, Romance

Doctor Stranger

Are you watching Doctor Stranger? If not, you may want to consider tuning in. This drama has sucked me in. I really hope it continues to be so wonderful. Episode 1 was a roller coaster, and probably one of the best first episodes of a show I’ve seen. Since then, I have yet to be disappointed.

Doctor Stranger

Quick Summary of what’s happened in Episode 2-5 **Spoilers**

Park Hoon (played by Lee Jong-Suk) is no longer in North Korea. It’s hard to believe that Jae Hee (played by Jin Se-Yeon) is still alive, but she appears to be after being shot and falling into water. We can’t really tell her true intentions at the moment and I wonder if she maybe lost her memories. Time will clarify this I’m sure. Park Hoon is now working at the hospital but has had a rocky road there. He’s been doing things he shouldn’t (by following his heart) which has been getting him in trouble with the Chairman (played by Jeon Kuk-Hwan) and with Dr. Han Jae-Joon (played by Park Hae-Jin). Dr. Han Jae-Joon and Dr. Oh Soo-Hyun (played by Kang So-Ra) are seeing each other. At first Dr. Oh and Dr. Hoon were bickering a lot, but they seem to be growing much closer. Dr. Hoon tried to save Dr. Oh’s mother, but he wasn’t able to. Dr. Hoon is desperately looking for Jae Hee. He believes to have seen her but is told that she is dead. 

Doctor Stranger

Things I increasingly love about this drama

Dr. Hoon

Doctor Stranger

I’m still consistently feeling more and more impressed with Lee Jong-Suk. As I watch every episode of Doctor Stranger, I’m respecting him more and more an an actor. I usually have more interest in older actors, but this kid (I shouldn’t call him a kid, but he’s younger than me, and this is a nickname I’ve adopted for him while I watch) – this kid is unbelievable. I like how his character has spunk, a heart of gold, sadness and passion.

The Mystery surrounding Jae Hee

Doctor Stranger

Why was she talking to that jerk Cha Jin-Soo (played by Park Hae-Joonfrom North Korea? Is that really her? Has she lost her memories? Was what they had real? She’s so mysterious. In the first episode she was so likable, but now I’m not sure if that was real, or if something happened to her.

Dr. Oh and Dr. Hoon’s growing relationship

Doctor Stranger

So, in episode one it looked like Jae Hee was Park Hoon’s soul mate, but Dr. Oh is turning out to be a very interesting and layered character. I have to say, they are cute together. I’m not really sure who I want Park Hoon to end up with yet, because there are too many questions yet to be answered. Actually, do we even clearly know which actress is the female lead? I do really love the banter between Oh and Hoon. They seem to be forming a very deep friendship. I think this is partially because they have both seen each other extremely vulnerable and can see the purity of each other’s hearts.

Moon Hyung-Wook’s Nosebleeds

Doctor Stranger

So I’m curious, how many times is he going to get hit in the face with a door and hurt his nose? Will it occur in every episode? I love this goof-ball doctor. He adds some comedic relief to this very serious, intense plot line.

Doctor Stranger

Dr. Hoon’s ability to visualize

Doctor Stranger

This is a really cool talent his father helped him unlock. He can visualize the internal physical problem with patients and operate surgery without even clearly seeing. I like how this is illustrated when he is practicing for an operation with added CG effects.

Doctor Stranger

He also impresses the pants off (figuratively speaking of course) of Dr. Moon Hyung-Wook. Dr. Moon’s in disbelief when he sees Dr. Hoon operate without being able to clearly see what he is doing.

Doctor Stranger

Final Thoughts

Please, please Doctor Stranger, continue to be awesome. I hope the story line continues to be strong. So far I’m hooked.

Doctor Stranger

Rating thus far: 4.9/5

You can watch Doctor Stranger with English subtitles on Viki and DramaFever.


My Drama Drop List – Top 5 from best to worst

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Kdramas and Asian dramas in general can be hit or miss. There are some great ones that are burned into our memories forever while others feel like nails running across a chalk board. I’ve compiled a list of five dramas I couldn’t bring myself to finish – #5 being the most tolerable, and #1 being the least tolerable.

#5 City Hall

city hall

Quick Synopsis: Shin Mi-rae (played by Kim Sun-A) has worked at City Hall for 7 years as a low-ranking official who serves coffee. She meets Jo Kuk (played by Cha Seung-Won), a handsome, ambitious man who’s biggest desire is to become president.

Why did I want to watch it?

I was in desperate need of a romantic comedy and it came recommended. I like both actors and decided to watch this drama at the same time as a friend (but we both ended up dropping it).

What did I like about it?

Overall, I liked the drama because the main Heroine was persistent and Quirky. The banter between the two leads was also amusing (for the most part) but they were somewhat awkward together. There were some very funny moments, especially towards the beginning of the drama.

Why did I drop it?

It dragged… There’s 20 episodes. I think they could have completed it in 16 episodes. I often would think while watching “Okay, I get it – everyone is horrible to her. Let’s move this drama along please”. I do have to admit though, I did skip to the ending because I did care enough to know what happened in the end. The ending was very satisfying, but I just couldn’t sit through all 20 episodes.

Rating based on what I watched: 2.8/5

#4 A Thousand Kisses


Quick Synopsis: Woo Joo-Young (played by Seo Yeong-Heeis a soon to be divorced woman with a child who strives to become a successful shoe designer and meets up with a very attractive kind younger man named Jang Woo-Bin (played by Ji Hyun-Woo). They face great opposition and have a very tangled fate. 

Why did I want to watch it?

This was my first Noona romance so I thought “Oooh, this is going to be good”. The main actors looked good together and I wanted to see how this story played out.

What did I like about it?

The two leads and secondary leads were cute. There’s a very melodramatic story line with lots of twists and turns.

Why did I drop it?

Too long!!! Also, people object to their relationship a little too much in my opinion. Everyone who objects is so annoying to the point that I finally had it and couldn’t take it anymore. I got pretty far in this drama too, but there were still so many episodes left. I do sometimes still wonder what exactly happened, so it may be a drama that I revisit at some point.

Rating based on what I watched: 2.5/5

#3 When a Man Loves

when a man loves

Quick Synopsis: Han Tae-Sang (Song Seung-Heon) was a gangster who turns his life around. He’s drawn to Seo Mi-Do (Shin Se-Kyung) and wants to protect her. He starts to fall for her but with his past, will it ever work out..

Why did I want to watch it?

Okay, I’ll be honest; Song Seung-Heon and his chocolate abs was a big reason I wanted to check out this drama. He’s a very good looking ahjussi and I wanted to watch him act.

What did I like about it?

So I made it to about episode 9 or so. It started out really well and I liked the characters. As mentioned above, I thought the male lead was very attractive and I had high hopes for this drama. I also really enjoyed Kim Sung-Oh‘s acting who plays a secondary role as Lee Chang-Hee.

Why I dropped it?

It’s hard to explain without spoilers, but I got confused basically with the love triangle. It didn’t make sense to me and I didn’t agree with the decisions of the female lead. So, basically, they lost me with their escapades and I gave up hope.

Rating based on what I watched: 2.5/5

#2 Switch Girl


Quick Synopsis: This is based on a manga by Aida Natsumi. Tamiya Nika (played by Nishiuchi Mariya) is a beautiful well put together high school student who is in reality only pretending to be such in public. She’s actually the opposite: Gross and unkempt with weird habits.

Why did I want to watch it?

I wanted to explore the world of jdramas and the cover to this drama looked cute.

What did I like about it?

In all honesty, I didn’t give this drama a fair chance to be able to honestly comment on it. I want to know if this drama is worth a second chance. I stopped this drama before finishing the first episode. I’ve since changed my philosophy and make sure I at least finish the first episode before dropping a drama. Usually, I’ll actually watch at least 3 episodes because often dramas can be a little slow at first.

Why I dropped it?

I got scared away by the main character. It definitely has a very manga/anime feel to it but I’m not sure I was convinced that translated well into live action in this case.

Rating based on what I watched: 2/5

#1 Ireland


Quick Synopsis: Joong-A (played by Lee Na-Young) is of Korean descent but was adopted and grew up in Ireland. She flies back to Korea only to fall in love with someone she really shouldn’t.. **Clears throat** Her brother Lee Jae-Bok (played by Kim Min-Jun).

Why did I want to watch it?

I started watching this during my Hyun Bin craze. I was determined at the time to watch him in every drama and movie he was in (but I never succeeded in watching them all).

What did I like about it?

I love Ireland. I’ve always been drawn to Ireland. The scenery is beautiful, and I really like celtic music (although I feel it was sometimes out of place and way too dramatic in this drama). Even though I don’t care for the drama, I still enjoyed watching Hyun Bin on screen, just not enough to suffer through all the episodes.

Why I dropped it?

Oh boy.. it was so bad that it was funny. Actually, if you watch it with a couple of friends, especially if you like the actors, you may somewhat enjoy it if you think of it as a spoof. The funny part is, it’s supposed to be very serious.

So Joon-A supposedly grew up in Ireland but we don’t really hear her speak English. The scenes in Ireland are also so cheesy. There are some violent scenes that are so obviously fake. It supposed to be dramatic and sad, but it’s really hard to take this drama seriously. It looks like they must have had a very limited budget.

Also, I thought the whole premise of the story was weird. Maybe I would feel different about the story line if I watched the drama the whole way through.

Rating based on what I watched: 1/5

Are any of the dramas on my list ones that you really enjoyed? What are some of the dramas that you’ve dropped and why?


Midas Kdrama Review – The hand of Midas; is it a blessing or a curse?

Jang Hyuk, Melodrama

Midas Kdrama Jang Hyuk

Greed. Lonelesss. Love. Ambition. Dysfunctional family. Rock Bottom.

These are words that all come to mind when thinking about the Kdrama Midas. So what is this drama really about? Here are some definitions to help:

Midas: (Greek legend) the greedy king of Phrygia who Dionysus gave the power to turn everything he touched into gold

Midas Touch: an ability to make and manage large amounts of money

midas kdrama

Synopsis: Kim Do-hyun (Jang Hyuk) is a very smart, ambitious person who just finished law school. As he begins his job search, he’s made an offer he cannot refuse which ends up changing his life.. But is this a good thing?


You could say that Do Hyun has the Midas touch. He is smart and can easily make money. But like the King of Phrygia in the legend, he is overcome by greed. With endless possibilities of personal gain, he sacrifices his own soul.


I liked this drama. It was the first business drama I’ve seen. Now, I’m not really interested in money, or the stock market. I could have really found this drama boring. But it wasn’t boring. It was interesting. I think it’s the actors that made the drama so easy to watch. It had a very well rounded cast. There was also such an eclectic mix of characters.

midas kdrama Jang Hyuk

**The Spoiler Section**

Do Hyun’s decision to become rich at any cost, causes him to lose his fiancee. As he continues on his path leading to greatness, he’s blind-sided and stabbed fiercely in the back (figuratively speaking). It’s only at his lowest point, that he starts to question his decisions and tries to climb his way back up from a deep abyss. As he attempts to climb back up, he hopes to drag down the ones who caused his fall.

Although Do Hyun’s destruction is painful to watch, it was a lesson he needed to learn and it helped him snap out of his unknowing downward spiral. I don’t think he ever would have realized the errors of his ways if he hadn’t lost everything. Often in life (as demonstrated in this drama) we have to fall hard to learn a lesson. It’s when we hit rock bottom that we can finally reflect, admit our wrong and overcome our mistakes and rectify them.


Sometimes too in life, we see people we love go down the wrong path. Often we are helpless in these types of situations. We can try to warn them, we can show them love, we can write them off, but really, no matter what we do, they have to figure it out for themselves. This is unfortunately the position of Do Hyun’s fiancee. As his desire for money and riches deepens, they start to drift further and further apart.


Because I really don’t care about being rich, many of the selfish characters were very frustrating, but there are also characters with a lot of heart. I especially liked Jung-Yeon’s father. Even the character’s a didn’t like kept me entertained. There was something very hilarious about the goofy-money-hungry-brothers Sung-Joon and Ki-Joon.

There were even times I couldn’t stand Do Hyun, but then I realized he was being blinded by greed. I don’t think he was ever evil to start. Selfish.. and money hungry? Yes, at times, but really, he’s a good man.


Final thoughts: Good drama that makes you think. It has romance, but not in the typical Kdrama format. They’re already together, then run into obstacles which question the strength of their relationship. Very thought provoking. I like dramas which force me to reflect.

My rating: 3.8/5


Fan Art by Zhaoul: Oh Joon (Jang Hyuk) and Dal Rae (Lee Da Hae) in Kdrama Robber

Art, Jang Hyuk, Kdrama, Lee Da Hae, Melodrama, Romance, Romantic Melodrama

Oh Joon (Jang Hyuk) and Dal Rae (Lee Da Hae) kiss in Robber Kdrama by zhaoul

I have a couple of reviews on the go right now, but I’m feeling sort of stuck. I’m having trouble expressing what I want to in words.

So I decided to escape with a little of FanArt therapy, and finalize My Oh Joon (played by actor Jang Hyuk) and Dal Rae (played by actress Lee Da Hae) from the Kdrama Robber.

Oh Joon is a con artist, but Dal Rae makes him want to change. Can there me salvation for someone who has wronged so many in unforgivable ways? Worth watching.

Hope you enjoy!