A Man and a Woman Korean Movie Quick Review

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A Man and a Woman Korean Movie banner

Okay… Yes, this movie is not for everyone. If you don’t like movies that touch on infidelity.. or if you get bored with indie-feel movies, just don’t watch it. If on the other hand, you love romantic, realistic, artistic, emotionally painful, well acted movies and can handle some intense emotions.. then this might be a good fit for you.


Ri Hwan and Haeng A Kiss in Bubblegum Episode 8 -Fanart

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Haeng A Ri Hwan Bubblegum Kiss episode 8 of Bubblegum

I guess I’m on a little bit of a fan art kick. I’ve been wanting to draw the bubble gum kiss between Haeng and Ri Hwan (Episode 8 of Bubblegum) for a while now.

It’s nice to think of the sweet moments right now. I know it will all work out, but at the moment things are messed up and not as they should be.

Let’s reflect on a lighter moment where they both were at their happiest.



Sophie’s Revenge – Quick Movie Review

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Revenge movies can be quite predictable but fun and lighthearted. I was in the mood for something simple and funny, so I thought this might be the right choice.

There were some aspects of this movie that weren’t bad. It wasn’t fantastic, but the love story was cute enough and the interaction Sophie (Zhang Ziyi) had with her ex Jeff (So Ji-Sub).


Austenland – A Delightful, Hilarious Submersion into the World of Jane Austen: Movie and Book Review

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I’m going to let you all in on a little secret (an embarrassing secret). For the last two weeks I’ve developed a new (teeny-tiny obsession) I will name Austenland. It started with boredom. I wanted to watch a movie. Something, cute, sweet, simple and in which didn’t require to much thinking. Then I stumbled upon Austenland.

It’s adorable, tender and simply put, absolutely ridiculous (insert British accent here). I’m not going to claim that it’s a masterpiece, but rather it fulfilled my desire for a little bit of romance, a splash of over-the-top comedy, some sexy British accents and total submersion into the very prim and proper regency era.

So what’s it about? I’ll start by strictly referring to the movie, and will afterwards mention the book (which I have also read and enjoying immensely).


Quick Synopsis

Jane (played by Keri Russell) is obsessed with Jane Austen’s novels, or more specifically speaking, she is obsessed with Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice. Even more specific than that, the obsession really stems down to Colin Firth’s portrayal of Mr. Darcy in the 1995 Mini Series, Pride and Prejudice. Jane is in her 30’s and is stuck with this fantasy of Mr. Darcy. As a result, she has had many failed relationships and finds herself longing for that perfect, happily-ever-after romance. She decides to spends her life savings on Austenland, a truly Austen Experience where the Regency Era comes to life through costume and the rules of etiquette and society at the time. There is promise of romance, and the whole ordeal ends with a ball. There are, of course, paid actors in the mix that are there to please the guests, and make their fantasies become reality. So off Jane goes to Austenland, but the lines between fiction and reality become very blurred as she tries to sort the two.

So what I loved about the Movie

The Soundtrack

The Soundtrack to this movie is really cute, sweet, and fits perfectly with the film. Some of the moments where the music comes in, really adds to the scene. I liked it so much, I bought the soundtrack (I really am becoming more and more like Jane).



Alright, I see quite a bit of myself in Jane. When I like something, I really like it to the point of borderline obsession. I mean, come on, let’s be honest, this blog is littered with obsession, whether it be Korean Drama reviews, actors or movies. If I had the opportunity to experience something like Austenland, I would probably jump at the chance. Perhaps not specifically an Austen Experience, but to cosplay a character I love from something I’ve watched, and live the experience myself, that is very tempting.

The Love Triangle


What is a good Rom Com without a love triangle? This one is especially alluring because both men are attractive and charming in their own sort of way. Also, as viewer, I felt the same way Jane did, unable to decipher fiction from reality. This kept me guessing who she would end up with.

Mr. Nobley


Alright – Breathe. Mr. Nobley (played by JJ Feild) is the equivalent to Mr. Darcy. He has the same temperament and personality traits. But he’s an actor. Where is the line drawn between actor and person? Jane and Nobley have some deliciously tense banter similar to Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. They are constantly challenging each other.

Mixed in with Nobley’s insufferable personally, is a very considerate gentleman with a cute, half-turned sincere smile and eyes intensely always watching Jane. He is mysterious, handsome and yummy, if I dare say.

A few of my favorite moments

Without giving out the movies outcome, I want to highlight a few moments in the movie I thought were really great.

Mr. Nobley comes to Jane’s rescue in the rain


Okay, I think this might seriously be my favorite moment in the entire movie. She’s stranded in the rain, and here he comes like a Knight in Shining Armor. He rips apart her dress so she can properly ride the horse, scoots her forward and off they go. The whole scene is very scrumptious. The end of the scene is pretty hilarious as she walks away with her britches exposed.


Jane and Martin and their daytime date


Martin (played by Brett McKenzie) makes Jane feel normal in this fabricated Jane Austen world. They spend the day together, laughing, enjoying each other’s company and kissing. He may not be Mr. Darcy, but he feels real. He’s also funny and charming in a rugged way with a very sexy accent.


Jane Decides to step up her game and seize her own destiny


So Jane sort of got gypped with the whole vacation. She finds out she bought the cheapest package and is treated like lower class. She decides to take control of the situation and not let this keep her down or stop her chances of finding love.


Mr. Nobley and Jane in the garden


Jane and Nobley have a little chat about what is enjoyable in Austenland. Nr. Nobley grabs Jane’s sketch book and finds out that most of her drawings are of him and his stern face. They have very awkward conversation where Nobley pries a little bit into Jane’s possible feelings.


Final thoughts on the movie

I really like it but it does have some flaws and a few awkward delivery of lines. But, it was really funny and heartwarming. A feel-good, light and fluffy romance.

Movie Review Rating 4/5 (maybe 3/5 for the skeptical)

Now, onto the Book Austenland by Shannon Hale

austenland book

I do recommend this book. I purchased this book after having first watched the movie. It’s a short and easy read. Some of the best lines from the book were kept in the movie version. There were a couple of great scenes, however, that didn’t make the final cut of the movie. The characters are pretty much the same with one main difference with Mr. Nobley, but it doesn’t in any way change his personality or the way he is portrayed. In the book, Jane seems to be more embarrassed of her obsession. She really doesn’t want to admit it, or for anyone to know about it. It seems to be a big shame she is carrying. The book is well written, difficult to put down, and easy to put yourself in the heroine shoes.

Book Review 4/5


Tell Me, Tell me, Tetetetete tell me.. what you think of Doctor Stranger Episode 7-10

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Doctor Stranger episode 10

Tell Me, Tell me Tetetetete tell me.. Dr. Park and Dr. Oh, how cute are we?

I wanted to write something about Doctor Stranger episodes 7-10 but it’s going to be brief. It’s not really going to be a recap at all, but rather a bit of rambling.

I have been enjoying the series, but it is going around in circles right now and still failing to answer some questions. Now, I don’t really mind the mystery, but some of the characters are started to annoy me. Well, I shouldn’t say they are annoying me, but rather they are difficult to relate to.

I’m not a big fan of Seung-Hee/Jae Hee (Jin Se-Yeon) as either character. In the first few episodes Jae Hee seemed very sweet, but the Seung-Hee Character appears emotionless. Even when she is acting as “Jae Hee” I’m not convinced it’s real. The way I see her, she has two facial expressions:

The Seung-Hee Expression

Doctor Stranger episode 10

The Jae Hee Expression

Doctor Stranger episode 10

I don’t really care for either expression. She really bugs me.. and yet I can understand why Hoon loves her. He has such fond memories of her, and of course he would want to protect her no matter what. They’ve been through a lot together.

We’ve learned more about Jae-Joon (Park Hae-Jin), but I’m still not a fan. His character also feels very distant.

Doctor Stranger episode 10

I still love Dr. Oh (Kang So-Ra) and Park Hoon (Lee Jong-Suk). Hoon’s been distracted by Jae Hee, but I can understand why. His character to me and his reactions are believable. Same with Dr. Oh.

Anyway, I’m going to continue to watch to see what happens but I hope it starts to come together more because it feels a bit like sand slipping through my finger tips. Less Jae-Hee, more Doctor Oh please (sorry Jae Hee).

Anyone else feel Seung-Hee character isn’t very believable, relatable?

Episode 7-8: 3.5/5

Episode 8-9: 2.5/5


Doctor Stranger – So mysterious… Episode 2-5 Review

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Doctor Stranger

Are you watching Doctor Stranger? If not, you may want to consider tuning in. This drama has sucked me in. I really hope it continues to be so wonderful. Episode 1 was a roller coaster, and probably one of the best first episodes of a show I’ve seen. Since then, I have yet to be disappointed.

Doctor Stranger

Quick Summary of what’s happened in Episode 2-5 **Spoilers**

Park Hoon (played by Lee Jong-Suk) is no longer in North Korea. It’s hard to believe that Jae Hee (played by Jin Se-Yeon) is still alive, but she appears to be after being shot and falling into water. We can’t really tell her true intentions at the moment and I wonder if she maybe lost her memories. Time will clarify this I’m sure. Park Hoon is now working at the hospital but has had a rocky road there. He’s been doing things he shouldn’t (by following his heart) which has been getting him in trouble with the Chairman (played by Jeon Kuk-Hwan) and with Dr. Han Jae-Joon (played by Park Hae-Jin). Dr. Han Jae-Joon and Dr. Oh Soo-Hyun (played by Kang So-Ra) are seeing each other. At first Dr. Oh and Dr. Hoon were bickering a lot, but they seem to be growing much closer. Dr. Hoon tried to save Dr. Oh’s mother, but he wasn’t able to. Dr. Hoon is desperately looking for Jae Hee. He believes to have seen her but is told that she is dead. 

Doctor Stranger

Things I increasingly love about this drama

Dr. Hoon

Doctor Stranger

I’m still consistently feeling more and more impressed with Lee Jong-Suk. As I watch every episode of Doctor Stranger, I’m respecting him more and more an an actor. I usually have more interest in older actors, but this kid (I shouldn’t call him a kid, but he’s younger than me, and this is a nickname I’ve adopted for him while I watch) – this kid is unbelievable. I like how his character has spunk, a heart of gold, sadness and passion.

The Mystery surrounding Jae Hee

Doctor Stranger

Why was she talking to that jerk Cha Jin-Soo (played by Park Hae-Joonfrom North Korea? Is that really her? Has she lost her memories? Was what they had real? She’s so mysterious. In the first episode she was so likable, but now I’m not sure if that was real, or if something happened to her.

Dr. Oh and Dr. Hoon’s growing relationship

Doctor Stranger

So, in episode one it looked like Jae Hee was Park Hoon’s soul mate, but Dr. Oh is turning out to be a very interesting and layered character. I have to say, they are cute together. I’m not really sure who I want Park Hoon to end up with yet, because there are too many questions yet to be answered. Actually, do we even clearly know which actress is the female lead? I do really love the banter between Oh and Hoon. They seem to be forming a very deep friendship. I think this is partially because they have both seen each other extremely vulnerable and can see the purity of each other’s hearts.

Moon Hyung-Wook’s Nosebleeds

Doctor Stranger

So I’m curious, how many times is he going to get hit in the face with a door and hurt his nose? Will it occur in every episode? I love this goof-ball doctor. He adds some comedic relief to this very serious, intense plot line.

Doctor Stranger

Dr. Hoon’s ability to visualize

Doctor Stranger

This is a really cool talent his father helped him unlock. He can visualize the internal physical problem with patients and operate surgery without even clearly seeing. I like how this is illustrated when he is practicing for an operation with added CG effects.

Doctor Stranger

He also impresses the pants off (figuratively speaking of course) of Dr. Moon Hyung-Wook. Dr. Moon’s in disbelief when he sees Dr. Hoon operate without being able to clearly see what he is doing.

Doctor Stranger

Final Thoughts

Please, please Doctor Stranger, continue to be awesome. I hope the story line continues to be strong. So far I’m hooked.

Doctor Stranger

Rating thus far: 4.9/5

You can watch Doctor Stranger with English subtitles on Viki and DramaFever.


Rabbit and Lizard (Maybe) Korean Movie Review

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Some people really like a fast paced movie with an intricate plot line and complex character development. Well, if that’s what you are looking for, turn around and run away. This movie is not like that, but that doesn’t mean I think you should dismiss it. If you can enjoy a movie with an independent feel which focuses more on the simple moments, this movie may pique your interest.


Synopsis: May (played by Sung Yu Ri) returns to Korea after 23 years to try and find her birth parents. The only clue she has to her past is the large scar on the back of her shoulder which looks like a lizard. Eunsol (played by Jang Hyuk) is a taxi driver who has little time left to live. He is suffering from a rare disease. Both characters are searching for something. They also share a connection in which they are unaware of.

There’s limited dialogue at times. This allows the viewer to zone in on the inner feelings of each of the characters. Eunsol is very ill, but he has a memory from the past in which he saw a red rabbit. Before he dies, he wants to find the rabbit. This movie has a somber tone and is very beautiful at the same time.


Watching Ensol constantly suffer is not so fun. It’s also stressful knowing he could die at any moment. Jang Hyuk, once again, is the Master when it comes to showing pain. I love that he can show us suffering so well, but it makes me cringe seeing him like that. I sometimes forget to breathe. I must remind myself he’s only acting so I need to relax. May is equally pitiful but I mean that in a truly sympathetic way. May feels dead inside. She feels so alone.


So, yes, some may find it slow and uneventful, but what’s important are the characters and the subtle moments they begin to share being bonded through experience.


I really enjoyed Eunsol’s curiosity towards May. He seems to always want to be around her. She accuses him of stalking her, but he’s not a creepy stalker. Something about her draws him in. Maybe he senses May’s loneliness. Whatever the reason, I can understand where he’s coming from. He doesn’t know when he’s going to die and she seems to a source of comfort despite her often blatant rudeness.


Final thoughts

This movie finds beauty and simplicity in the midst of two suffering individuals. They connect in a very natural way. It is well acted and has some lovely moments as simple as they may be. I fully enjoyed this movie, but you need to be in the right mood for it. Also, this sort of movie is often an acquired taste. It won’t please those that watch to be mindlessly entertained. For the insightful soul that acknowledges that despite the painful hand we may be dealt in life, some unpretentious perfect moments can emerge in midst. Those are the moments we must cherish.

My rating: 4/5


Watching Innocent Thing (Thorn) with no subtitles – Korean Movie “Pre” Review

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thorn innocent thing

As some of you may already know, the movie Innocent Thing (also known as Thorn) became available for purchase as of April 30th, 2014. It is not yet available with English subtitles, and may take some time before it is. Me, in my impatience, was plagued by curiosity and sat through the entire movie with no subtitles. No, I cannot understand or speak Korean. I’m getting better, but I won’t claim that me knowing the odd word hear and there means I understand everything. I did however begin my journey in honestly learning to speak Korean and have started seriously following audio lessons. Because I couldn’t understand everything that was said, I cannot with a clear conscience write a full review here now. I do feel I understood the story however, despite the fact and therefore I want to give you a bit of a “pre” review teaser to perk your interest and perhaps get you to give this scrumptious, but somewhat flawed (but not fataly) movie a try.


I must warn you though, this movie has some very explicit sexual scenes and other disturbing scenes. It’s rated R for a reason. Anything that occurred in the movie, stayed true to the story and the characters, but I will not pretend that it will appeal to everyone’s tastes.


People that will enjoy this movie the most in my opinion are

  • Jang Hyuk fans
  • People that love the obscure and twisted
  • Those that don’t mind feeling uncomfortable
  • Viewers that can handle very intimate/provocative scenes
  • Movie watchers that like to dissect/rip apart movies to find meaning but can find the good in imperfection as well as the bad

Now, for some teaser screen caps

Thorn8Thorn9thorn innocent thing kissthorn innocent thing kissThorn4Thorn11Thorn10Thorn6Thorn7

My Pre-subtitle critical rating: 3/5 

My Fangirl Bias rating: 4.8/5

My Jang Hyuk as Joon-Ki rating: 5/5


Fan Art by Zhaoul: Oh Joon (Jang Hyuk) and Dal Rae (Lee Da Hae) in Kdrama Robber

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Oh Joon (Jang Hyuk) and Dal Rae (Lee Da Hae) kiss in Robber Kdrama by zhaoul

I have a couple of reviews on the go right now, but I’m feeling sort of stuck. I’m having trouble expressing what I want to in words.

So I decided to escape with a little of FanArt therapy, and finalize My Oh Joon (played by actor Jang Hyuk) and Dal Rae (played by actress Lee Da Hae) from the Kdrama Robber.

Oh Joon is a con artist, but Dal Rae makes him want to change. Can there me salvation for someone who has wronged so many in unforgivable ways? Worth watching.

Hope you enjoy!