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Virgin Road (1997) Jdorama Series Review

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Virgin Road - Looking for lost contact

I decided to watch a really old jdorama back in August of 2016… yes, that means this post has been sitting in limbo that long (YIKES!). I don’t even remember why I decided the watch it. I think I was browsing through MDL and stumbled upon it. It sat in my “plan to watch” list for the longest time.. then sat as a half written post for perhaps longer than that.

Quick Synopsis: Sakurai Kazumi (played by Wakui Emi) leaves for New York to go find herself. While in New York, she falls in love but things do not work out as intended. Suddenly, she needs to return to Japan, but hires a man to pose as her fiancee. It gets even more complicated since she happens to be pregnant with the man from New York’s baby.


Beautiful Mind Episode 3 Recap

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Beautiful Mind Kdrama Banner Episode 3

Well, well, well…. The mystery continues…and it grows! I really think we can’t discount the even the seemingly innocent in this drama. Anyone could be guilty. There’s some dodgy stuff going on. The perpetrator, or perpetrators may very well be the one’s we least expect. I don’t know, do you? Different theories are slightly spinning in my head, but they quickly fizzle out. I really don’t know what to think. But I’m enjoying the process.


Beautiful Mind Episode 2 Recap

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Beautiful Mind episode 2 banner

Episode 1 laid the foundation of thing’s to come, whereas episode 2 solidified that base by giving our characters some back story. It’s a little more flawed and cheesy than i would like, but all the ingredients for a good drama are there. The actors really carry the drama and help propel the story line forward. I can overlook unrealistic aspects since the realm of the drama is a convincing one.

Already my opinion on the characters are shifting. I feel like we will be continuously learning more about the characters as the story unfolds.


Hotel King Quick Review

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When Hotel King first came out, I was very intrigued. I wasn’t familiar with Lee Dong Wook at the time, but I did really liked Lee Da Hae. I attempted to watch it when it first aired, but ten minutes into the first episode, I saw how very intense it was going to be. Back then, I was burning out on melodramas so I decided to wait, but happily browsed recap posts so i could still get a taste of the drama. Finally, over a year later, in the midst of my Lee Dong Wook obsession, I decided this was the moment to sit and watch.


Scent of a Woman Kdrama Review

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Scent of a Woman Kdrama Tango Scene

One of the things I love so much about work, is that a few of my co-workers also watch Asian dramas. It’s really fun to discuss and recommend shows when we’re on break. Even though we have dramas in common, we also each have our own unique style when it comes to dramas we like and dislike – and the same goes for actors. That is why I often hesitate when a co-worker recommends a particular show to me. I’m a bit of a rebel, and don’t always like to follow recommendations if I’m not sure if it’ll suit my personal taste. I’m notorious for dropping dramas, so I don’t like wasting my time. But, my one co-worker has been telling me for about 6 months now that I should check out Scent of a Woman. Finally she wore me down and I conceded.


Road No. 1 Review

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road no.1

Out of the super intense melodramas and historical dramas that I’ve seen, I’ll say that Road No. 1 is in my top three favorite along with Chuno and Tree with Deep Roots.

Road No. 1 can be very uncomfortable at times since the story takes place in the first year of the Korean war which began on June 25, 1950. Although the characters and stories are fictional, there’s an underlining discomfort watching knowing that people did actually suffer through turmoil as illustrated. There’s an uneasiness as you watch and it’s a reminder that such horrid events do occur and nothing in this world is ever certain.


I’m Sorry I Love You (2004) Kdrama Review

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I don’t know how many of you like to go back and watch older dramas that you haven’t seen before, but periodically, I really enjoy watching older dramas.

“I’m Sorry I love You” has been on my radar for quite some time, but I had been avoiding it, waiting for the right time where I felt I could handle it emotionally. I had been warned that it was sad, so I didn’t know if it would be worth it or not.

There are certain dramas and movies that have really been upsetting, yet beautiful at the same time; so you ask yourself, is it worth it? Well, I’ll be honest – I’m not sure why, but some of the most endearing love stories to me are rather depressing because the love is really tested. It also seems heightened due to tragedy.


My Spring Days Quick Mid Season Review

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My Spring Days (aka Spring Day of My life) has me hooked. This was a perfect drama find for me. It has brought me out of my Kdrama dry spell. I’ve finally found a drama (since Fated To Love You) where I can get lost in the romance. My Spring Days stars Sooyoung as Lee Bom-Yi and Kam Woo-Sung as Kang Dong-Ha. The story has some similarities to the American Film, Return to Me (2000) starring David Duchovny and Minnie Driver.

This drama is perfect if you are in the mood for some romance, a splash of perspective and a dose of humanity.

Quick Rating: 4.8/5


Doctor Stranger – Final thoughts… Why did I keep watching?

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First of all I want to apologize to anyone who really liked this drama. Everyone has their own opinion and that’s alright. We all have our own ideas of what we like and what we don’t like, so I don’t want anyone to feel attacked in any way, but I do want to vent a little bit.

First of all, when I started this drama I was really excited about it. I’ve always been a marathon watcher, so this was one of my very first live watching experiences. I should have been able to see the warning signs that the drama was not going to be fulfilling. A lot of other watchers I know dropped this early. I thought everything would work itself out… what was I thinking?

So, I can’t be completely negative, so I’ll try to throw in some positives by telling you what attracted me to this drama and why I chose to stick with it until the end. This will however, will be laced with negatives as well. I must honest.

Quick Synopsis: As a child, Park Hoon (played by Lee Jong-Suk) and his father get tricked into going to North Korea and cannot return. Park Hoon’s father is an amazing Doctor, and Park Hoon is trained to be amazing as well. Park Hoon falls in love in North Korea with Jae Hee (played by Jin Se-Yeon). He plans to escape with his love, but something terrible happens which separates them.

The North and South Dynamic

When I started watching this, I became very interested in the dynamic between North and South Korea. For a couple weeks, I read as much as I could on the history and watched many documentaries. I watched interviews from North Korean Defectors. The stories were extremely shocking. I don’t even like writing about it, because it makes me feel paranoid, so I won’t elaborate. The first few episodes I think painted an okay picture, but beyond that it fell flat and the focus was lost. The story became so stretched, I coudn’t buy into the nonsense anymore.


I really liked Hoon at first. Really, he did okay all the way through, but he was so much more believable towards the beginning. I liked his quirkiness despite his pain. I also liked his talent until it became very exaggerated. At first it was cool that he could put his hand over someone’s heart and pinpoint the problem, but after a while I’d just shake my head. I’m glad this is not actually how they diagnose problems. Well, to their credit, this wasn’t the only way he diagnosed, but I feel he used his weird power a little too much.

Dr. Oh *spoilers*


I had great hopes for her character and really had hoped she could end up with Hoon. Their little flirtations were cute, but I guess in the end it was more of a sibling type of affection or really close friends. I also felt the writer could have written her character a little better. There was a time she was very likable, but then she became this love sick puppy who kept embarrassing herself and made some lousy decisions. Not what I had hoped for.

Jae Hee

Between Jae Hee and the writing, this is where my issues really lie with the drama. I couldn’t connect to Jae Hee. I tried, but couldn’t. I thought her character was fine until she showed up in South Korea. One she appeared there, I felt like she was vacant. Some people say it’s the writing, but I feel like a lot of it has to do with the acting as well. I feel like she could have appeared cold and distant, but still have been able to show true glimpses of affection which wouldn’t have allowed me to doubt her intentions so much. Basically, because I couldn’t buy into her acting it had a ricochet effect. I then couldn’t buy into her and Hoon and a couple and felt no connection to the love story.

I’m not saying this drama is terrible.. well for me it was, but there are many fans out there who liked it and I’m sure there reasons are very valid. For me, the writing felt sloppy and the medical competitions became so tiresome. It seemed like every time they would tie and need to do just one more competition to break the tie. Not only that, but I was disgusted at how some of the characters wanted Hoon to lose so badly that they didn’t care what happened to the patient. I don’t mind feeling uncomfortable from time to time watching a Kdrama, but it should be balanced. There shouldn’t be this overall constant feeling of disgust and disappointment.

I do like that they pulled everything together at the end, but it felt a little too late. It didn’t make up for how confusing it was in the middle and how much it dragged.


I do want to say though, that in the last few episodes I really appreciated Cheon Ho-Jin’s acting skills. He has a scene where he reveals everything and shows us just how evil he truly is. This scene was brilliant. I thought it was probably the best acting in the entire drama along with one of the earlier scenes when Hoon is crying when he’s behind bars. I really respect Cheon Ho-Jin’s acting skills and I’m so glad he had the opportunity in this drama to show us his talent. I equate the scene to a really awesome drum solo. The rest of the song might be mediocre, but then you get to hear the drummer, who normally has to blend in with the song, pour out everything he has.

My rating 2/5


Tell Me, Tell me, Tetetetete tell me.. what you think of Doctor Stranger Episode 7-10

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Doctor Stranger episode 10

Tell Me, Tell me Tetetetete tell me.. Dr. Park and Dr. Oh, how cute are we?

I wanted to write something about Doctor Stranger episodes 7-10 but it’s going to be brief. It’s not really going to be a recap at all, but rather a bit of rambling.

I have been enjoying the series, but it is going around in circles right now and still failing to answer some questions. Now, I don’t really mind the mystery, but some of the characters are started to annoy me. Well, I shouldn’t say they are annoying me, but rather they are difficult to relate to.

I’m not a big fan of Seung-Hee/Jae Hee (Jin Se-Yeon) as either character. In the first few episodes Jae Hee seemed very sweet, but the Seung-Hee Character appears emotionless. Even when she is acting as “Jae Hee” I’m not convinced it’s real. The way I see her, she has two facial expressions:

The Seung-Hee Expression

Doctor Stranger episode 10

The Jae Hee Expression

Doctor Stranger episode 10

I don’t really care for either expression. She really bugs me.. and yet I can understand why Hoon loves her. He has such fond memories of her, and of course he would want to protect her no matter what. They’ve been through a lot together.

We’ve learned more about Jae-Joon (Park Hae-Jin), but I’m still not a fan. His character also feels very distant.

Doctor Stranger episode 10

I still love Dr. Oh (Kang So-Ra) and Park Hoon (Lee Jong-Suk). Hoon’s been distracted by Jae Hee, but I can understand why. His character to me and his reactions are believable. Same with Dr. Oh.

Anyway, I’m going to continue to watch to see what happens but I hope it starts to come together more because it feels a bit like sand slipping through my finger tips. Less Jae-Hee, more Doctor Oh please (sorry Jae Hee).

Anyone else feel Seung-Hee character isn’t very believable, relatable?

Episode 7-8: 3.5/5

Episode 8-9: 2.5/5