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Love Myself or You – (Mmmmm food Drama) Taiwanese Drama Episode 1 Review

Taiwanese drama


A food drama, yay! I like food dramas. Everything always looks so yummy. Usually food dramas are an easy watch and make a great feel-good drama. I’m talking about the new Taiwanese drama I started watching “Love myself or you”.

Read cautiously **may contain episode spoilers**

So, in episode 1 we meet the characters. We find out that Du Kai Chi (played by Puff Guo) wants to become the Sous-Chef at a restaurant she has worked at for five years. She doesn’t realize it, but Fu Zhi Jie (played by Jasper Liu) is the son of the owner of the restaurant. They were also childhood friends, but she doesn’t recognize him.


Her food gets sabotaged by the other team, and she loses her opportunity to become sous-chef. She blames Fu Zhi Jie for picking the other dish and causing her to lose. He is working at the restaurant as an intern. No one knows at this point that he is the owner’s son and a very talented chef. The only way his father could get him to work their is if he was hired as an intern. His parents are hoping he will take over the family restaurant.


Once Fu Zhi Jie realizes it’s Du Kai Chi, he feels bad for her, and is curious as to why her personality has changed so much since they were kids.

Well, it turns out, on top of everything, that they live in the same building! Won’t this set the stage for an interesting romance? There’s no romance in the air yet.. Well, that’s not entirely true. She wants nothing to do with him right now, but there has already been a piggy back ride, some drunken leaning and other close contact.

I think this drama will be cute. Episode one was decent. Not amazing, but the first episodes usually aren’t. I can see how they are setting the stage for a sweet romance. I can tell there will be a lot of tension at times between the two leads, and it might take her a while to warm up to him.


The food looks absolutely delicious. I was hungry the whole way through.

Episode Rating: 3/5


Autumn’s Concerto – A heartfelt love story, Taiwanese drama

Melodrama, Romantic Melodrama, Taiwanese drama


I haven’t seen very many Taiwanese dramas, but Autumn’s Concerto is one that I have watched and loved. It’s my favorite Taiwanese drama, and actually one of my very favorite Asian dramas of all time. It is definitely in my top 3 list. This drama is sexy, sad, heartfelt and challenges the notion of love.


Here’s the Sypnopsis
**May Contain Spoilers. Read with caution**

Ren Guang Xi (played by Van ness Wu) is an arrogant law student from a “seemingly” wealthy family. Liang Mu Cheng (played by Ady An) is a poor and her father died when she was young. She has been struggling to survive with her stepmother. Her stepmother’s boyfriend sexually harasses her and spies on her, making her life one full of fear. Guang Xi and Mu Cheng meet and have a volatile relationship at first but end up falling in love.


Well, it turns out Guang Xi has a brain tumor and will likely die if he doesn’t get a specialized operation that only one specific surgeon can conduct. To make sure that Guang Xi gets the operation that he needs, Mu Cheng agrees to never see him again once he goes in for the operation as per the wish of his mother. I don’t want to give out too many spoilers, so I won’t elaborate much more, but after his operation he loses his past memories (dun, dun, duuun! Amnesia!!! NOooooo!!!!).


Liang Mu Cheng is pregnant with Ren Guang’s Xi’s child and ends up having their child and moves out of town to start over. Fate so has it that they reunite years later, but he doesn’t remember her or know that it’s his child. At this point he is engaged to someone else. On top of it, right before his operation he experienced a really, really traumatic experience, in which, when he recalls, will he be able to forgive her… (Dun dun duuuun!!)


Yes, the story is extremely melodramatic, but in a good way. The acting is some of the very best I’ve seen. The story really pulls you in, and even though the story is crazy, the reaction of many of the characters is still believable.

This drama is how I discovered Van ness Wu, an American born Taiwanese actor. I watched an interview with Van ness Wu where he discusses how he really struggled with this role at first. I was surprised because you can’t tell at all. He said it was difficult to play a lawyer and I guess his Mandarin wasn’t the strong at the time (I couldn’t tell). I just remember I kept thinking “Wow, his acting is so good!” I was totally impressed. He also seems like a really cool person from other interviews I’ve watched. He has a very strong faith, is a great singer, and he’s a designer with his own jewlery line, 3.V.O.7.


Ady An is a great actress as well. She’s so beautiful and pushes her true love away thinking she’s protecting him. It’s pretty hard to watch, and I couldn’t help but get frustrated with her at times (I mean, how could you not tell Guang Xi about his son!). Poor Ren Guang Xi; everyone is keeping things from him and he has no idea.


Xiao Xiao Bin is an amazing little young actor in this drama. He’s just about the cutest thing ever and it breaks your heart when you seen him cry. In the drama he has diabetes. He wants a father so badly and immediately bonds with Guang Xi calling him his alien daddy (neither of them realizing that they are biologically father and son).


I cried a lot in this drama. It can be very sad, but there’s hope of a happy ending at the end of each episode when the closing theme song shows the family together, living like a family, very happy. The OST in this drama is great too. The ending theme song is the best.


Now, I didn’t include Autumn’s Concerto in my recent post of best drama kisses, because the list only consisted of Kdramas. This drama however has some of the very best kisses in it. There’s no holding back. The kisses are very real, passionate and hot. I feel it shows more how people actually kiss when they are in love.


If you don’t watch Taiwanese dramas, but enjoy romantic melodramas this is a great place to start. Not only is it a beautiful and challenging love story, but it also adds in “family” which makes it unforgettable.


Have you seen this drama? What did you think? Let me know your thoughts and if you haven’t seen it yet, watch it!!

My drama rating: 5/5