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Bubblegum Kdrama Episodes 3-4 Thoughts and Analysis

Bubblegum, Jung Ryeo Won, Kdrama, Lee Dong Wook


I already liked this drama based on the first two episodes, but it’s starting to pick up a bit more and is showing some increasingly interesting and evolving character dynamics. We are also learning a bit more about our secondary characters.

Please note: I would recommend you watch episodes 3-4 before continuing since episode 3-4 spoilers are mixed throughout.


Bubblegum Kdrama – Should I watch it? Episode 1-2 Thoughts and Analysis

Bubblegum, Jung Ryeo Won, Kdrama, Lee Dong Wook


We’re heading into the second week of the TvN Kdrama Bubblegum. The show had a strong first and second episode. Although they go slightly mild on the comedy with the first two episodes, I have no issue with this. With week 1 behind us, they’ve established a fair balance between drama and romantic comedy which, fingers crossed, they manage to maintain.


Bubblegum short teasers

Jung Ryeo Won, Kdrama, Lee Dong Wook, Romantic Comedy


I couldn’t wait to post something. We have a couple of short teasers now for the upcoming drama Bubblegum. I cannot wait to see Lee Dong Wook and Jung Ryeo-Won act together. I hadn’t seen them in their early 2000’s drama, but they are both two of my faves. I’m also a big fan of Lee Jong Hyuk. I first discovered him in Chuno and thought he did exceptionally well.